School Bus

School Bus

Those who wish to make use of the school bus are required to apply to the school office at the beginning of the academic year. The bus travel is for a minimum of one year. There will not be bus services when there is no class for junior school students. The bus fare is to be paid in three instalments. It is paid separately. The bus will not wait for the children who are late when it arrives at the stops. Students are to observe all safety rules and maintain discipline and reasonable silence while travelling.

BUS NO. Driver(1) PHone Number support Phone Number Trip 1 Trip 2
Bus No. 1 Mr. Ravi PK 9497663595 Mrs. Sobhana 8547893855 Erumely - AKJM -
BUS NO.2 Mr.Sunish CS 9447868008 Mrs.Sreekala 9605280426 Ponkunnam- AKJM Chirakkadavu- AKJM
BUS NO.3 Mr. Sankaranarayanan 9048010987 Molly 8281234154 Elangulam-AKJM -
BUS NO.4 Mr. Babu MT 9447154735 Ramani 9744169708 Manimala-AKJM -
BUS NO.5 Mr. Babu ON 9656367074 Mrs. Claramma 9400774357 Mundakkayam-AKJM -
BUS NO.6 Mr. Anish 9497028201 Mrs.Sindhu 8281305638 Parakkadavu- AKJM Palampra-AKJM
BUS NO.7 Mr.Soman P.B 9744045549 Mrs.Lekha 9961247867 Chungappara-AKJM -
BUS NO. 8 Mr.Pradeep 9562525535 Mrs. Manjusha 8606717469 17th Mile-AKJM -
BUS NO. 9 Mr Radhakrishnan 9497866890 Mrs Usha 9947969986 Pinnakkanadu-AKJM -
BUS NO. 10 Mr. Shajimon AV 9495835699 - - Koovappally-AKJM -
BUS NO. 11 Mr Reji Jose 9539744453 - - Edakkunnam-AKJM -